Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art

The exhibit Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art opens at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley ( September 7th and runs through March of 2015. Nearly 1000 artists repurposed hubcaps as part of the Landfill Art project ( and of those, nearly 300 were selected for the exhibit. Artists painted, sculpted, welded and animated a wild variety of art from the once discarded hubcaps.

Carroll’s “Egg in Space” (above) was chosen for the exhibit and will also be part of the smaller traveling exhibit when the show finishes at the MSV.

The exhibit also features video productions directed by Larry Carroll including a one-minute exhibition trailer and introductory video for the exhibition featuring music by Mark Hadley of Visual Music ( and voice-over by actor Kevin Yon, whose work includes voicing of the 2011 Super Bowl Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” commercial featuring Eminem.

Carroll also directed the exhibition’s ten-minute documentary short shot on location and featuring interviews with Landfill Art artists. The video features an original musical score by Ravi Krishnaswami of COPILOT Music + Sound ( with John Shanchuk on the banjo and Nancy Matlack-Elligers on the cello. Ravi and COPILOT recently completed work for the VISA television commercials that aired during coverage of the 2014 World Cup.

The one-minute video: