“I began my directing career shooting hundreds of commercials in many parts of the world for a wide variety of clients. Each commercial had its own set of requirements in terms of style and substance. It gave me the opportunity to explore the many facets of filmmaking and editing. It was fertile ground for communicating ideas, emotions and information, quickly, clearly and hopefully, memorably. Directing commercials, film and television is a collaborative business and is very different from the solo challenges of painting. The real exhilaration for me in directing, is assembling a group of talented people and working together to accomplish a singular vision.”


“I suppose my background in filmmaking is why I often paint a thematic series of images rather than unconnected paintings. In that regard, I find myself thinking in terms of storytelling and plot development, exploring themes rather than singular ideas. I think in terms of wide shots and close ups to convey specific emotions. My goal is to have the viewer experience the entire series as a whole, while still exploring each canvas on its own terms.”

-Larry Carroll

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